About Me

I am a Software Developer based in the Twin Cities (where, yes, it gets cold in the winter, but we have summers y'all). I enjoy creating simple, beautiful and intuitive websites that solve problems. I've worked at digital agencies & start-ups (both early stage and growth stage).

Jenessa kneeling and leaning on a stool looking up and to the right.

Outside of work, but still in the tech world, I enjoy attending conferences and meet-ups. I've had the privilege of being sponsored to go to both JSConf HI & DevOpsDays MSP. I've also been a part of the Minne* unconference MinneBar and presented twice. I think my favorite tech related thing to do though is being on panels. Panels give me a chance to have conversations with others in my field, even if we have different roles, and learn while discussing a number of things.

I like to live a pretty fulfilling life outside of the tech world too...

One of my main activities outside of the office is playing Tight End for the Minnesota Vixen! I joined the team in 2018 and have learned so much more about teamwork and myself than I had in a while. Football has taught me some skills that we even can apply to our everyday workflows. Other things I like to do include DIY projects and listening to podcasts. If you ask me about them I could talk to you about them for hours, so proceed with caution. I also love to hang out with friends, watch Netflix, try out new restaurants, attend concerts/sporting events and go on all types of adventures.

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